Award Categories and Criteria

Business China Enterprise Award

This award will go to a company/organisation/institution that has best demonstrated exceptional drive and vision as well as enjoyed substantial growth in its business in Singapore or China, respectively. 

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  • Candidate must be a Singapore company/organisation/institution or a Chinese company/organisation/institution registered in Singapore

The nominees for Business China Enterprise Award are assessed in 4 key areas:

  1. Contribution to Singapore-China relations
  2. Financial Performance
  3. Innovation
  4. Company/Organisation Management

1. Contribution to Singapore-China relations

The company must have made a major contribution to Singapore-China relations.

2. Financial Performance

The candidate must have an outstanding and sustained growth in profits, sales and business developments in its related business in Singapore or China, respectively. In assessing the financial/business performance of the company/organisation/institution, the history of the establishment will also be taken into consideration. 

3. Innovation

The company/organisation/institution will be assessed on the success of its product innovation. For Singapore companies/organisations/institutions, the focus will be on the penetration of the China market through its ability to draw on the enterprise and expertise of its Singapore base. For China companies/organisations/institutions based in Singapore, the focus will be on its business operations in the Singapore market.

4. Company/Organisation Management

The company/organisation/institution must display an effective management style and have a viable organisational structure. The company must have a track record of establishing and maintaining harmonious relations within the organisation and set examples for the industry it is in. 

Key Dates

  • Jan/Feb 2021 Calling for Nominations
  • Feb/Mar 2021 Nominations Close
  • Mar/Apr – Jun 2021 Judging
  • Sept 2021 Awards Gala Dinner



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