Acceptance Speech by Mr Chua Thian Poh, Recipient of Business China Excellence Award 2019 on 7 June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre

Honourable Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Chairman of Business China Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Judging Panel of Business China Awards, Ambassador, Government officials, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening! 

1. I am very humbled to be conferred the Excellence Award from Business China. It is also an honour to be receiving the award from Prime Minister Lee tonight. 

2. In fact, I had a hand in setting up this award in 2010, and to be honest, I am feeling a little awkward to be standing here now. That said, I would still like to thank the Judging Panel for putting my name up for the honour! 

3. While this may be a personal award for me, I could not have achieved this without the strong support of partners, colleagues and friends who believe in championing the cause of strengthening the relations with China. 

4. I would like to share this honour with all of you. Thank you! 

5. Now, please allow me to continue my speech in Mandarin. 


6. 2019 年是别具历史意义的一年。今年,新加坡庆祝开埠 200 周年,新中国也庆 祝成立 70 周年这个重要的里程碑。今晚,我特别荣幸在这个重要的时刻,从李 显龙总理手中获得“通商中国成就奖”。 

7. 新加坡与中国,不论是在政、商、文、教界的各个层次和级别,都一直保持着 密切友好的关系。本地华人社会,随着新中 两国走过历史的 变迁 和进步,肩负 民间传承与推广,联系与加强的桥梁作用。 

8. 多年来,我有幸参与了多个华社和华商组织。借此机会,我要感谢所有为新加坡 华社的发展不遗余力、默默耕耘的各界人士。我希望这种华社精神,可以继续传 承下去。 

9. 在这里,我想要与所有群策群力的华社伙伴们共同分享这份荣誉。感谢大家秉持 着同一个理念,砥砺前行! 

10. 谢谢大家!

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